Thank you for visiting my profile and welcome to my online production catalog! I`m a Composer & Music Producer, based in Munich, Germany. I started producing beats in the age of 15 and never could stop this passion till today, I also have a classical piano and audio engineering background. I `ve worked with various clients, producers, musicians and artists in my past, even for some records labels. But I didn`t like and understand this whole online beat selling thing, till I stumbled over Beatstars in autumn 2016. It`s a great way, to get my music heard and even to reach new artists. For more info, please subscribe to my newletter.

- Genres: Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dance
- Production experience since 2000
- Working as a freelancer since 2008

Production Credits: Tilos, Selam Araya, 2dnm, AB MC, Savage Sun, Kate März, Peter Gordon (and other).


Copyright Information: Most beats in this production catalog are completely composed by myself. Some of them contain royalty free (copyright free) samples from production libraries, sample packs, etc. But a few are marked [with Sample]: These beats contain uncleared samples. Sample clearance is the responsibility of the licensee, I explicitly emphasize this. If you publish music with uncleared samples, you do this at your own risk. If you purchase a beat [with Sample], I send you the sample details.

File Delivery: Instant Delivery via Paypal or Credit Card.
Mp3: 320 kBit, Unmastered, all Voice Tags Removed
Wav: 24 Bit, Unmastered, all Voice Tags Removed
Track Stems: Wav 24 Bit, Unmastered (for mixing changes - better control to fit your vocals in)
Free Download: 128 kBit Mp3, Unmastered, with Voice Tags (for non profit use only)
Free Beats: 320 kBit Mp3, Unmastered, all Voice Tags Removed (for non profit use only - for commercial projects you still have to buy this beat)

[Note: The streaming tracks in my player contain slightly mastering effects and are optimized for listening. Purchased tracks are unmastered to give you maximum recording quality (more headroom and less distortion).Professional Audio Engineers strongly recommend this. A lot of online beat sellers still don`t know this and offer you their "master" versions (they are often on a pretty amateur level and way too loud - but when it comes to your own mastering process then, you probaby won`t be very happy with the results.]


Contact & Info: beats@prodbybrainwave[Dot]com or DM (@BeatStars).
Website: ProdByBrainwave[Dot]com



2 Die n a Mights World

Artist: 2DnM

Album: 2 Die n a Mights World

Role: Produced , Engineered

Good old Days

Artist: 2DnM , Rake

Album: Good old Days

Role: Produced , Engineered

War Hyde

Artist: 2DnM , Vanessa Esperanto

Album: War Hyde

Role: Produced , Engineered

Alter Mann feat. Styleist DMP (Beat by Brainwave)

Artist: Robby Rap , Styleist DMP

Album: Alter Mann feat. Styleist DMP (Beat by Brainwave)

Role: Produced

Nummer 1 - EP Version

Artist: Tilos feat. Selam Araya

Album: Nummer 1 - EP Version

Role: Produced , Engineered